SWAT 4 – Part 3 – Serial Killer

Join Officer FirstThirtyMinutes as he enlists with the Fairview SWAT team. In SWAT 4, the player leads a SWAT tactical element in resolving various situations, such as hostage standoffs or apprehensions of dangerous subjects.

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27 thoughts on “SWAT 4 – Part 3 – Serial Killer

  1. Check out this custom map for SWAT 4! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn6kJK8tnWo

  2. I remember as a kid having so much fun with this mission, using the taser on the old woman HAHAHAHAHA

  3. "The game rewards nonlethal takedowns moreso than having to kill the bad guys, so, we might try – play around with that, I don't know, we'll see how it goes."
    continues to use lethal
    things that didn't age well

  4. You could have easily gassed Lawrence Fairfax into submission. This is not a shooter, dude. Anyway, it's great to revisit this level. Thanks for the upload.

  5. There is a glitch in the game..if the suspect is a lady she talks like hostage when surrendering like why are u tieing me up, u gonna get me out of here right? 😁

  6. What what water away they cant surf.. those flies won't be reincarnated… those fly heads geezes have biohazard come in… wash her in every way.

  7. Why is everyone over-analyzing when he accidentally yells at a downed civilian/suspect to comply? LOL It's the interact button which shares key with report to TOC, so it happens a lot in the game, believe me. Most of the time, it happens to me when I try to open a damn door.

  8. This was one of the best mission in the series. Short, simple but was really intense and it gave me the hibbie-jibbies. I do hope the new SWAT-like game "Ready or Not" will have a mission similar to this one.

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