Sonic Forces Speed Battle: All Characters with Trivia

Allow me to educate you all with facts and trivia about all of your favorite characters from your favorite mobile game: Sonic Forces Speed Battle. EDIT: I know Gerald is Eggman’s Grandfather and not his Uncle, Oopsie Daisie

Disclaimer: Widescreen clips presented in this video is not optional in game and is only obtained using a third party application. SEGA Hardlight nor any of their related companies have any control over this option, nor could they help you acquire it.

Sonic icons by Nibroc:


Fist Bump – Sonic Forces:
Arsenal Pyramid (inside) – Sonic Forces:
Prison Hall – Sonic Forces:
Network Terminal [Inside] – Sonic Forces
Infinite Theme – Sonic Forces
Infinite [Battle 1] – Sonic Forces
Red Gate Bridge – Sonic Forces
Null Space [Fist Bump] – Sonic Forces

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23 thoughts on “Sonic Forces Speed Battle: All Characters with Trivia

  1. Selamat datang ke papan keratan Gboard, sebarang teks yang anda salin akan disimpan di sini.Ketik klip untuk menampalnya dalam kotak teks.Gunakan ikon edit untuk menyemat, menambahkan atau memadamkan klip.Sentuh dan tahan klip untuk menyematnya. Klip yang dinyahsemat akan dipadamkan selepas sejam..

  2. I can't believe you know all of this you r so smart! Are you reading the trivia from a piece of paper or something?

  3. Amy actually first appeared in the Sonic The Hedgehog Manga and correct me if I'm wrong but I think they were in a realationship in the manga

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