Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

Relive the longest singles final in Wimbledon history…

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35 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2019 | Full Match

  1. 49:30 – Start of first set tie-break
    58:15 – End of first set
    1:00:47 – Start of second set
    1:23:29 – End of second set
    1:28:02 – Start of third set
    2:08:00 – Start of third set tie-break
    2:15:00 – End of third set
    2:20:55 – Start of fourth set
    2:55:34 – End of fourth set
    3:00:39 – Start of fifth set
    4:48:56 – Start of fifth set tie-break
    4:56:16 – Championship point

  2. Roger is "The Tennis" always crration and beauty.
    Djokovic is a warrior but more in response…
    In my opinion,, Federer is Mozart and Djokovic Salieri !

  3. 3:59:54 to 3:59:59: Shot, block and look. Genuine friends don't need to speak in order to talk to each other.

  4. Where are the serve and volley???
    In this final, the serve and the volley were notorious for their absence.
    Djokovic's game is very boring.

  5. Federer won 5 hardcourt grandslam in row and won 40 matches in row (RECORD on hardcourt)= Djokovic stops him by the Australian open 2008..

    Nadal won 5 claycourt grandslam in row and won 39 matches in row (RECORD on clay)= Djokovic stops him by the French Open 2015…

    Nadal was 4 years unbeatable in his prime in wimbledon= Djokovic stops him in Wimbledon Final 2011….

  6. Are people ready to admit that this is the greatest match in tennis history? Better than 2008 wimbledon.

  7. he was serving two aces before he lost two points in a row for deuce and then lost the game eventually. hmm quite decisive, many players would probably quit and never pick up a racket again

  8. Disgraceful commentating 2:47:25 Novak backhands the crap out of it and we get a 5pm time update from the legends in the comm box.

  9. Jokovic employed the tactics of Marat Safin to defeat Federer because Federer is weak when the ball is dropped close to the base line. There he falters, that is how Safin had won and that was employed by jokovic here.

  10. These two are the two greatest to ever play tennis. It's not even close. When Novak won I was heartbroken because Roger is my hero. Now I appreciate this match for the tennis. What Roger has done to compete with younger legends, amazing. Novak's dominance since 2011, amazing. Why can't everyone just appreciate these two GOATs? Who cares about victory and defeat really when they have won as much as they both have. They are both winners. If Roger and Novak can win the last Wimbledon they enter that would be perfect. Whenever that will be.


    ඇය එසේ වූවායනමුත් කවුරුන් හෝ අපව මෙහි රඳවා තබා ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කරන්නේ නම් ඇය බැස යාමට පෙර ස්මාල්බේ සිට වාතය ඉවත් කිරීමට පටන් ගත්තාය දැන් මට අවශ්‍ය වන්නේ ඔබ ඇයගේ කිට් බෑගය සහ අනෙක් ආම්පන්න රැගෙන ඇය වැතිරී සිටිනු ඇති අතර එය වැක් ටියුබ් එකක තබන්නහරිද

  12. Ironically, at the moment to win the game, the crowd has defeated Federer. The pressure on him due to the crowd was so big that Federer has managed to be impassive.
    They would push him to the victory, but their support reached a so exagereted level that they obtained the opposite effect.

  13. This match was absolutely nervewracking. What a performance by Federer at almost 38. Same with Djokovic`s mental fortitude. One let cord away from the championship, It does not get any more painful than that.

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