New SKINS and Improved UI ?! TerraTech Episode 1 2020 | Z1 Gaming

New SKINS and Improved UI ?! TerraTech Episode 1 2020 | Z1 Gaming

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TerraTech: The off-world adventure where you create to your heart’s content and then set out to conquer all before you.

TerraTech is fundamentally an exploration and combat game. Procedurally generated worlds and an almost limitless array of vehicle design and customisation make for a unique experience for every play through.

Make your vehicles as big, small, powerful, useful or just plain crazy as you like – the choice is yours. Ally yourself with one corporation and rise through the ranks to profit and glory, or hedge your bets and cherry-pick from a range of them, accessing powerful new technologies but risking more of your cash reserves to support their different energy sources.

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46 thoughts on “New SKINS and Improved UI ?! TerraTech Episode 1 2020 | Z1 Gaming

  1. For the record, I believe the tutorial is you fighting Tony and assimilating his parts, which is why the game still seemed to give you a tutorial, despite the tutorial only being considered the fight with Tony that teaches you how to move, fight, and assimilate.

  2. I tried this game when it first came out and found it so frustrating. Blowing up and having to recreate my ship while under attack. Bugs with the AI were also awful. I left a review on steam and the Dev's actually responded, telling me that a lot has changed and that I should give it another go. Maybe I will… the concept is great and I love the base building/AI allies style, but it was so unbearably clunky that I gave up and haven't played in a long time. Might give it a go after a few more vids.

  3. i cant believe it… im back… tho its april 17… and im way past the 2019 stuff (the one that i missed) im glad to say… that im back… Z1… expect to have my comments and likes to every video now again
    Edit: ilove your new way of commentary… its more lively

  4. hey there person, if you see this, could you check out my TerraTech series. its not that interesting untel episode 3 so i sugest just going there. thanks!

  5. been watching your stuff for a while now just had to make a comment for the first time. Thank you so much for showing me TerraTech its been really great and fun to watch and play thanks for all the tips, your videos are awesome!

  6. like your videos and like the commentaries, EXCEPT when you spaz out like a little school girl when the cute boy looks in your direction. makes me want to hit the thumbs down every time.

  7. You can right click hold on the turret and suck it up into your inventory to use later. Because you will most likely leave that trade station and never come back. Also goes for the crafty mike base.

  8. Pro tip for hording blocks.. place an anchor block like a solar panel hook all ur stuff onto it and send it to ur inventory.

  9. You can use solar panels as anchors anchoring will allow you to charge with out taking the batteries off your tech

  10. Make sure you put your batteries in a safe place on your tech because if one gets destroyed it goes boom 💥

  11. Big Pete takes 15 resources, he doesn't care about quality, so I only get him tree bits, save the green crystals for selling.

  12. You don't need to place these solar on ground. You just need to place these on the back and click the anchor on the left

  13. You can anchor youre tech down now thats what that ancor button is.

    As for factions you got most of um.

    1: gso
    3: geo corp
    4: hawk eye
    5: better futer

    Those are all 5 factions available at the moment.

    Each faction has a tech boss that gives you misstions.

    The paint scemes have incressed as well there is some dlc payable you can get.

    Also new wheel types including tracks.

    I would love to see a full 2020 playthrew that would be sweet.

    Have a grate day!!


  14. Rotating anchors are useful for recharging batteries while letting your vehicle act like a turret emplacement.

  15. I didn't realise how good this game was, Thought it was just PvP stuff, I'm defiantly getting this on Monday.

  16. I’m so excited that you got back into this great game! I have a suggestion/request for another play through that you can do, Factorio.

  17. there is now a hot key for anchoring, also block anchors where moved to the manufacturing category. the newest corporation is Better Future which prioritizes in hovercraft techs. the tutorial is actually when you first land, it shows you where to place blocks. ps really like your videos thanks for making more on Terra Tech

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