How to Draw Kimono (Japanese Dress) | 如何畫日本和服|Step by Step Easy Drawing | Singleeyelids Book

In this video, I will show you step by step how to draw Kimono which is Japanese traditional dress.
Take out your pencils and color pens ^^
Let’s draw together!

You will learn how to draw cute and easy things here. This channel is made for beginners who has passion in drawing.
If you are interested in some cute and easy drawings, this is the right channel for you.

– You will be able to learn it in couple minutes.
– All the drawings don’t require a lot of hard work because you will be able to draw it by following my videos.
– When you get the basic ideas about how to draw these easy things, you will be able to draw everything you want.
– These drawings are very useful. You can use in on your schedule books, diaries, cards, memos, notebooks, etc.
– 只需要幾分鐘就學會
– 簡單易懂
– 多用途

🌈new video every Wednesday & Saturday.

Drawing is simplest than what you thought.

Thank you,
Singleeyelids Book


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