Cách vẽ dáng người trong Thời trang phần 2 / How to draw fashion model sketch part 2

Tiếp tục Phần 2 về Vẽ dáng trong Thời Trang ^^

Nguồn nhạc: Odessa – LiQWYD & Scandinavianz [AL Release] [Copyright-safe]
Jumping of the Porch – Broke In Summer [AL Release] [Copyright-safe]

The video shares how I draw the body in Fashion, basically in the catwalk from dividing the height ratio (per capita) to the horizontal axes of the chest, waist, and . Very clear and easy to understand, hope to be liked and liked by many people, Subscribe my channel to watch new videos regularly!

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Nguồn: https://whereintheworldisnico.com/

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